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Black HDPE (Non-FDA Compliant) Sheet 48" x 120" Black HDPE (Non-FDA Compliant) Sheet 48" x 96" HDPE Cutting Board 48" x 96" HDPE Round Weld Rod: Natural HDPE Rod: Natural HDPE Sheet 48" x 120" Natural HDPE Sheet 48" x 96" HDPE (high density polyethylene) is a rigid, tough plastic that offers good chemical resistance and low moisture absorption. HDPE is stronger and more rigid than LDPE. Plastic refers to a group of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials that have been engineered to achieve specific properties.

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Polyethylene can also be made from other feedstocks, including wheat grain and sugar beet. These developments are using renewable resources rather than fossil fuel, although the issue of plastic source is currently negligible in the wake of plastic waste and in particular polyethylene waste as shown above. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Sheet This sheet can be heat formed, shaped and welded to fabricate ducts, hoods and much more. The material cannot be cemented, but it is easily welded with a plastic welder. It can be cut with a carbide tipped saw blade and drilled with regular metal bits. 1-1/2 ft. x 300 ft. Black Plastic Sheeting 1-1/2 ft. x 300 ft. Black Plastic Sheeting can be used for many different construction and do-it-yourself projects. This extra heavy-duty polyethylene film can be used under wood floors between drywall and insulation or to cover a crawl space. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheet is designed to be used in the manufacturing and food processing industry as it is moisture, stain, and odor resistant. It is often used to replace wood and metal as it has many benefits. Extruded HDPE Plastic Sheet Primex extrudes sheet in High Density Polyethylene for use in automotive, leisure, food, medical and general thermoforming and fabrication markets. Talc or calcium modified grades are available for dimensional stability and HDT critical applications. This polyethylene sheeting is a medium-duty plastic film designed for use in many different construction and covering applications. It's the ideal tool for building walls on restoration jobs too.

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HDPE (high-density polyethylene) (AS EXTRUDED) offers excellent impact resistance, light weight, low moisture absorption, and high tensile strength. HDPE is also non-toxic and non-staining and meets FDA and USDA certification for food processing. Sheets Sold on this Page are AS EXTRUDED; Also Available in Stress-Relieved (S/R)

When it comes to clear poly tubing, you'll find it all in our large selection of sizes and materials. From standard LDPE tubing to specialized anti static formulations, our Five Star Guarantee, ready-to-go inventory and widely respected professional support team are here to give you the confidence you need to move forward without delay.

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Grainger has the plastic sheets and plastic film stock your enterprise needs. Shop for colored and clear plastic sheet options by type, material and size. You’ll find polycarbonate sheet among your options, which is great for injection molding, security and compact discs.