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PECORA PROTECTS. PECORA PROTECTS. PECORA PROTECTS WITH LOGO (PRIMARY) WITH LOGO (SECONDARY) WITHOUT LOGO WHITE VERSIONS SPECIFICATION DynaTrol®II DATA SHEET SEALANT VALIDATION Issued to: Pecora Corporation Product: Dynatrol ® II C719: Pass ____ Ext:+50% Comp:-50% Substrate: Primed Mortar, unprimed anodized aluminum and glass substrates Consult Pecora Technical Bulletin #85J (PEC201) for a complete listing of Pecora Firestop Systems. Ultra-Block® is a product of Backer Rod Mfg. Co., Denver, CO. Limitations: Dynatrol® II should not be used: • as a cap, heel or toe bead in glazing systems utilizing high-performance glass or acrylic polycarbonate sheet, Check pail label and Specification Data Sheet for additional limitations. Comparable Sealants Sika: 2C NS. Sonneborn: NP2. Pecora: Dynatrol II. DS 07/26/2016 From Manufacturer CRL Tremco® Dymeric® 240FC is a patented, multi-component, chemically curing, polyurethane sealant specifically formulated for dynamically moving building joints. Basic ...

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Specification Data Sheet 1. BASIC USES Dynatrol™ I-XL is intended for use in expansion and control joints in precast panels, tilt-up walls, metal curtain walls, copings, window and door perimeters, panel bedding and glazing details. Field-test is required and user must determine suitability. Paintable after 7 days. † Lighter colors may ... Pecora color pack used to tint Dynatrol II/890 FTS 1 per 1.5 gal pail, Shop our supply of waterproof sealant materials, including gels, tapes, blades and much more. Find out more about our sealant products & other solutions. Product Description. AC-20®’s elastomeric properties make it an excellent sealant for caulking interior concrete joints, hollow core ceiling and floor planks, window and door frames, vinyl, aluminum, steel and plywood siding, sheetrock, baseboards and bathroom and kitchen fixtures. PECORA SECURITY SYSTEMS TRU-WHITE 345 LIMESTONE 039 Dynapoxy™ EP-1200 2-Part Epoxy Dynatrol™ II 2-Part Urethane Dynaflex 2-Part Urethane Dynapoxy™ EP-1200, Dynatrol™ II, and Dynaflex can be used with the 51 standard colors represented on the reverse side of this card. Custom colors available upon request. om color s available 595 ons ...

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Spec Data Sheets; SDS Sheets; ... Used for tinting Pecora 890 FTS, DynaFlex™ SC, DynaPoxy™ EP-1200 and DynaTrol® II-SG. Individual color packs can be purchased. DynaTrol II is a product in the Elastomeric Joint Sealants category that meets ASTM C920, TT-S-00227E,. Find submittal-ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES reports. Submittal data - DynaTrol II - General Purpose Polyurethane Sealant - ASTM C920 TT-S-00227E, - BuildSite

Dynatrol™ I-XL is a moisture-curing, single-component non-sag polyurethane sealant. It is designed to maintain an effective bond and seal between materials of similar and dissimilar surfaces, porosities and coefficients of expansion.

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• Dynatrol® II is designed for use in expansion and control joints in precast panels, tilt walls and curtainwalls; bedding panels, coping joints, window and door perimeters, glazing, acoustical and firestopping applications. Its wide color range and low modulus make it highly effective in exterior insulated finish systems (EIFS). DynaTrol II Data Sheet. DynaTrol II Data Sheet. Distributor/Sales Rep Locator. ... Pecora Calculator. Calculate material needs for Coatings, Sealants and Air Barriers.